TIGO-X the right litter box for big cats

If you don't clean the litter box regularly, you run the risk of your cat becoming unclean and looking for places to hide. Since you have to clean the litter box several times a day, it should be made as simple as possible.

Daily cleaning of the litter box

At least once a day, the solid pieces of cat litter must be removed so that the cat continues to feel comfortable. With a special mesh or sieve shovel, faeces and clumped urine can be easily sifted out and disposed of. The cat litter used makes a big difference. Clumping litter quickly causes the urine to clump together with the litter, making it easy to sieve out. When using classic clay litter, only the droppings can be removed by sieving during daily cleaning.

After the faeces have been removed, it is important that the removed litter is refilled. Cats quickly get used to a certain level and can easily become confused when the level varies, which can lead to problems with solving. Furthermore, if the filling level is too high, litter and faeces can end up outside the litter box, which leads to unwanted soiling. On the other hand, if the litter level is too low, the cat may get the impression that it cannot bury its faeces sufficiently and may therefore refuse to release it.

The weekly complete cleaning of the litter box

So that your cat feels comfortable when going to the litter box, a thorough complete cleaning should be carried out once a week. This means that the entire cat litter is replaced and the litter box is cleaned. The best way to do this is to pour the contents of the litter box into a bucket provided or a large garbage bag. You can then clean the empty litter box with warm water and a sponge or a cloth. If you want, you can also use a gentle cleaning agent that does not attack the plastic of the litter box. However, you should pay close attention to the scent of the cleaning agent used, as some cats are sensitive to the scent of lemons or ammonia and may therefore refuse to use the litter box in the future. It is best if you rinse the cleaning agent thoroughly under running water after cleaning. This way you can be sure that no unpleasant smells remain for the cat.

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