TIGO-X the right litter box for big cats
That's easy!

This is how you build your individual TIGO-X

Flexible, stable and shapely

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According to your wishes

You can easily assemble the TIGO-X according to your ideas and the preferences of your cat. Here are some of the many possible combinations:

Entry on the leftincidence of light from the side
Entry frontincidence of light above
Entry on the leftincidence of light above

Plan first, then build

It's that easy to set up.

Find the right location

Where is your cat undisturbed and finds enough rest? Do you prefer it light or dark? Where do you have enough space to do the cleaning? Can you place the necessary utensils there within easy reach? You can find more tips about the litter box in our cat blog .

Plan your configuration

When the location is determined, you determine what the best place to start is and where the light should come from. And you can start with the assembly.

By the way: Of course you can rebuild your TIGO-X at any time.

Assemble the TIGO-X

The actual construction of the TIGO-X is really easy. You don't even need tools - our patented plug-in system makes it possible.

Just watch our short video on how to set up the TIGO-X.

The components

Modular - valuable, sustainable materials - can be reordered individually.

TIGO-X Explosionsdarstellung

Overview: Components
TIGO-X: Modul Einstieg
TIGO-X: Modul Wand
TIGO-X: Modul Belüftung
TIGO-X: Modul Wanne
TIGO-X: Modul Bodenrahmen
TIGO-X: Modul Dachrahmen
TIGO-X: Dachmodule
TIGO-X: Module Eckpfeiler
TIGO-X: Module Seitenverbinder

Care of the TIGO-X

Nothing easier than that!

Cleaning the TIGO-X is also very easy. All you need is warm water, a sponge or cloth and a mild detergent.

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