TIGO-X the right litter box for big cats
Pet Dream TIGO-X

The litter box for big cats

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Designed for the needs of Main Coons, Ragdolls and other big velvet paws

Species-appropriate litter box

The TIGO-X offers your darling the space and comfort that a big cat needs.

TIGO-X, a clean affair

Planned and manufactured with the highest value on hygiene, easy handling and design.

PeTraum. TIGO-X
Further information

Hygiene made easy

Functional design for maximum cleanliness.

The sealing tape
prevents leakage
of cat litter and urine.
The drawer
practical and simple
for daily cleaning.
The perforated running board
at the big entrance ensures that
the cat litter stays where it belongs.

The incidence of light

Cats love to be able to go about their business unobserved and in peace.

The activated carbon filter

helps reduce annoying odors.

To the delight of cats and humans

A litter box that pleases both.

PeTraum. TIGO-X

Our customers about the TIGO-X

Both of my cats really like the litter box. This is really big enough and the little ones get used to it immediately. This looks good and looks good at home.


Super practical and beautiful. My three little ones love going to the toilet in it. Easy to install, easy to use and most importantly easy to clean.


The place is very big and my cat got used to it quickly. The drawer is very convenient for daily scooping of cat litter, and it is also very easy to clean.


Easy to set up

Find the right location, plan your configuration, put the TIGO-X together.

Recycled plastic

The materials used in the TIGO-X are made from recycled plastic, which is easy to clean, durable and not harmful to health.

protection for the environment

We attach great importance to sustainability. We want our products to have as little impact on the environment as possible and also do something to prevent throwing away.

XXL litter box: TIGO-X

Individually put together and a nice place to feel good. Your darling will thank you.

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