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5 facts about the litter box

5 facts about the litter box

Cats spend many hours daily grooming and cleaning themselves. They groom themselves for the most part. However, there is one thing cats need help from us humans for: cleanliness and hygiene litter box . We have summarized the most important facts for you.

1. How big should the litter box be?

First of all, orientate yourself on the size of your house cat. Larger pedigree cats such as the Maine Coon therefore need a larger toilet than, for example, the smallest domestic cat in the world - the Singaporea. There are special XL litter boxes for particularly large cats. It is important that the cat has enough space to turn and scratch.

2. Which model should I choose?

The right size has been found. Now it's a matter of choosing the model. A distinction is made between bowl toilets and hood toilets. A modern variant is the litter box with entry from above, the so-called top-entry toilet. Corner toilets are a space-saving option for smaller apartments. Hooded litter boxes are closed litter boxes with a lid. Shell toilets, on the other hand, are open. Although most people would prefer a hood litter box, there are cats that feel more comfortable with a bowl litter box. The best thing to do is to try whichever variant you prefer and see how your cat responds to the toilet. Extra tip: To reduce the spread of cat litter, the edge of the litter box is often raised. If you have a young or sick cat, choose a litter box with the lowest possible edge to make it easier for her to get in.

3. What is the best location?

Choose a quiet spot where your cat won't be disturbed. And don't place the toilet too close to where they feed or sleep. Since the sight of a litter box can sometimes be disturbing, there are stylish cat cabinets in which you can skillfully hide the litter box.

4. Which cat litter is the right one?

You can choose from a variety of cat litters such as clumping litter, hygienic litter, eco-litter or pellets. The classic is clearly clumping litter, as it is very absorbent and odorless and is very easy to clean.

5. Hygiene – what needs to be considered?

As a rule, it is best to clean the litter box once in the morning and once in the evening, replace the litter regularly and also clean the entire bowl regularly. This keeps everything nice and clean and your cat feels comfortable. With mats, you can ensure that less cat litter is spread around the home. Extra tip: Do you have multiple cats? Then provide each cat with its own litter box, even if the cats use the same litter box.

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