TIGO-X the right litter box for big cats

Checklist basic equipment

Checklist basic equipment

Basic equipment for your cat

  • Cat food (wet and dry), cat grass
  • food and water bowls
  • Litter box and litter, grid/strainer scoop
  • Cat furniture and accessories for sleeping and resting places
  • scratching boards and/or scratching posts
  • toy
  • transport bag or box
  • Combs and brushes for grooming (suitable for coat type)
  • Utensils for claw care
  • Aids to protect against hazards (e.g. for balconies, windows, cables)

Of course, you can supplement this basic equipment with additional accessories according to your cat's needs - be it the water fountain for lazy drinkers, the clicker for training or the cat flap for outdoor cats.

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